Qingsong Zhang


Qingsong Zhang

Doctor, Assoicate professor, Supervisor of Doctor and Master

School of Materials Science and Engineering (Office Room: 6B332)

TianjinPolytechnicUniversity, Tianjin, China

Email: zqs8011@163.com

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Member of China Chemical Association, China Institute of Materials Research, China Composite Material Society, American Society of Microbiology and China Textile Engineering Society, member of Shandong Chemical Engineering Editorial Committee, Excellent Young Teachers of Tianjin City University, Evaluation Experts of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center, and Tianjin Public Procurement, Member of innovation team of Functional and Intelligent Polymer Materials, Member of teaching team of Material Science Foundation.Graduated from Qingdao University of Science & Technology in July 2002 and received a doctorate in Material Science and Engineering from Donghua University in March 2008, year as a visiting scholar of the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University at 2013-2014, and Department of Chemistry of University of Pittsburgh at 2015-2016. Reviewer of some journals likeAdvanced MaterialsACS Applied Materials & InterfacesScientific ReportsAdvanced Functional MaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering: CCell ProliferationChemistry JournalsDesalination and Water TreatmentJournal of Earth ScienceJournal of Polymer researchProgress in Natural ScienceDesalination and Water TreatmentPolymer International, Journal of Donghua University, Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica and Chemical Industry and Engineering Progress, etc.

Research Area

Our research group has mainly been engaged in soft matter gel for a long time. Since 2003, the research has been guided by the direction of ordering, composition and intelligentization, based on the functionalization and intellectualization of nanocomposite hydrogel, aimed to increase important performance, such as high strength, high toughness, fast response, reversible adsorption catalysis, excellent cell compatibility and so on, and as well as future application in tissue engineering, textile printing, dyeing, home, optical sensing. Actually, we have combined zero dimensional microgel, one-dimensional gel fiber, two-dimensional gel membrane, three-dimensional block gel with environmental chemical eningeering, drug, fiber, tissue engineering, microorganism, photoelectric devices and so on. Now 0D multi responsive nano composite microgel, 1D structure color hydrogel fiber, 2D hydrogel membrane sensor and 3D cell sheet desorbed hydrogel have been constructed from the angle of method, material optimization and morphological control. The internal relationship of chain structure, aggregation structure, polymerization method, raw material properties and intelligence gel morphology and response were systematically studied. It is clear that the inherent rule of "structure, shape and performance" has been analyzed systematically. Our group has established a wide range of cooperation with Yen Wei’s group of Tsinghua University, Sanford Asher’s group of University of Pittsburgh and Liusheng Zha’s group of Donghua University.

Main Project

Qingsong Zhang has been undertaking and leading nearly 13 of research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation, Tianjin Science and Technology Popularization Project, and horizontal projects. In the field of application, the industrialization of soft and wet polymer materials in the field of daily use is being carried out, such as intelligent cooling hydrogel matress, shoe insole, and fire cooling clothing.

Academic papers and invention patents

As the first author and correspondent author, 79 papers have been published in the domestic and foreign periodicals, likeJournal of Controlled Release(IF=7.786)、《Polymer Chemistry(IF=5.375)、《Macromolecular Rapid Communications(IF=4.265)、《Journal of Colloid and Interface Science(IF=4.233)、《Materials Science & Engineering: C Materials for Biological Applications(IF=4.164)、《Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces(IF=3.902)、《Applied and Environmental Microbiology(IF=3.807)、《European Polymer Journal(IF=3.485)、《Reactive and Functional Polymers(IF=3.151)、《RSC Advances(IF=3.108)、《Applied Clay Science(IF=3.101)andJournal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A(IF=3.076), among which, 52 papers were cited by SCI in some journals with high level like Prog Polym Sci, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Soft Matter, Nanotechnology, Polymer, etc., 16 were cited by EI. H index is 17. Now, the total citation is 867.

As the first applicant, 28 national invention patents (including 3 enterprises) have been applied, in which 18 were authorized (including 1 enterprises), and 2 were technology transfer and patent transformation.

Teaching and training of students

The teaching courses like "Material Science Foundation", "Polymer Physics", "Biomimetic Materials", and "Biological Properties of Materials", at present.  Once taught courses including "Intelligent Materials", "High Technology Composite Material", "Material Design and Synthesis" and other courses, in which "polymer physics" has been achieved as Class Excellent Courses, Material Science Foundation has been awared as Teaching Team, 3 times were evaluated as excellent by experts, and the score of student evaluation exceeds 93. 12 master degree dissertations have been finieshed, and 2 graduate students are currently studying, Among which, 1 people won the Tianjin Excellent Master Degree Dissertation, 1 people won Second Class Prize of National Challenge Cup competition, and First Prize of Tianjin City Challenge Cup, and 4 people won the graduate national scholarship. The graduated students mainly worked in the Institute and the biology related enterprises. 54 undergraduate graduation thesis have been guided, of which 3 have obtained the excellent graduation thesis, 1 have obtained Tianjin Excellent Graduation Thesis, and 10 students have already recommended an exemption helicopter graduate students of Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, South China University of Technology, Tongji University and Shandong University, and so forth. 20 people have entered into Tsinghua University, Donghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beihang University and the Soochow University for Master’s Degres. 8 people attend National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and 6 people received frist prize and second prize of The National University students' social practice and technological energy saving competition.