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Yiping Zhao, PhD in Engineering, Professor, Vice Dean, Supervisor of Masters students of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University, and also undertaking teaching duties. Vice President of Tianjin Plastic Engineering Learned society.Primarily works in the studies of intelligent and functional separation membrane materials, heavy metal ion adsorption materials, and plastic and rubber materials, etc. Completed several scientific research projects such as one national project, one key grant project of Chinese Ministry of Education, one project of Tianjin Education Committee, two projects of Tianjin Polytechnic University and some collaborative science projects with enterprises and so on. As deputy team leader worked in one project of Science and Technical Development of China, as a key member worked in three national level projects, one Ministry of Education project, two Tianjin Science and Technology Committee projects and two Tianjin Education Committee projects. 


Have published more than 40 scientific research papers, about 20 of been indexed by SCI and EI. Applied for one international patent and 13 national patents, among which 6 have been authorized. Chief editor for the book, “Plastic profile production technology and Application”, co-editor of the book,“Intelligent polymer materials”. Awarded the second place twice by Chinese Textile Industry Federation for the Science and Technology Prize in 2007 and 2012, awarded third place by Tianjin Science and Technology Committee for the Technological Invents Prize once in 2007, awarded second place by Hongkong Sangma Foundation for the Textiles Technology Prize once in 2013, and three times awarded the Chinese Textile Industry Federation teaching achievement second place prize, respectively.


Courses taught:


(1) Plastic and rubber processing
(2) Composite molding process and equipment


Research interests:


(1) Intelligent and functional membrane materials
(2) Heavy metal ion adsorption materials
(3) Plastic and rubber materials


Published works:


(1) Yiping Zhao, Haiyang Zhao, Li Chen*, Xia Feng, Qingsong Zhang, Jinmei Wang, Rui Zhang. Thermo-responsive Modification and Properties Study of PVDF Flat Membrane. Journal of Ploymer Research, 2013,20(58):1-8.
(2) Yiping Zhao, Jingna Bai, Xia Feng, Li Chen, Xiang Shen, Meijun Liu. Properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride)-graft-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) membranes prepared by alkali treatment. Journal of Ploymer Research, 2013,20(32):1-8.
(3) Zhao Yiping, Zhao Haiyang, Zhou Kaipeng, Zhang Guifang, Chen Li, Feng Xia. Study on the influence of reaction time on the structure and properties of the PVDF membrane modified through the method of atom transfer radical polymerization. Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013
(4) Xiang Shen, Yiping Zhao and Li Chen. The construction of a zwitterionic PVDF membrane surface to improve biofouling resistance. Biofouling, 2013,29(8):991-1003.
(5) Shen Xiang, Zhao Yiping, Feng Xia, Bi Sixin, Ding Wenbin, Chen Li. Improved antifouling properties of PVDF membranes modified with oppositely charged copolymer. Biofouling, 2013,29(3): 331-343.
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(7) Yi-Ping Zhao, Li Chen, Huan Zhang, Guo-Bu Zhao. Novel Fishnet Fibers with the Anti-adhesion of Seaweeds Obtained by UV-irradiation Technique. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2007,103(2):1252-1256.
(8) Xiang Shen, Yiping Zhao, Li Chen, Xia Feng, Duo Yang, Qiang Zhang, Dan Su. Structure and Performance of Temperature-Sensitive Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Hollow Fiber Membrane Fabricated at Different Take-up Speeds. Polymer Engineering and Science. 2013, 53(3): 571-579.